Key impact case: Unlocking the potential of biomass in a sustainable way

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According to SBP, an independent certification scheme for biomass used in large-scale energy production, Coega Biomass Centre is one of the key impact cases for unlocking the potential of biomass in a sustainable way.

The company has included our impact project in its Annual Review 2023. In this contribution Emiel Hanekamp says: “Demonstrating the sustainability credentials of the biomass we produce is important to Coega Biomass Centre. And with Europe as a key destination market, compliance with the recast Renewable Energy Directive (REDII) is essential. We were delighted to receive FSC and SBP certification in 2022, and included REDII in our SBP scope in 2023.”

Read the full story or look at SBP’s Annual Review 2023 (page 18)

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